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Smart trainers and power meters are improving in terms of accuracy and reliability as the technology matures, and I think the vast majority of Zwifters enjoy acceptably accurate power numbers today. Additionally, other riders may be using uncalibrated trainers or trainers with known accuracy issues.

The only way to test the accuracy of your power numbers precisely is to compare them with a power meter you know is completely accurate. The easiest way to approximate your FTP is to look at your solo outdoor efforts on a flat stretch of paved road.

Ideally, you would do a one-hour out and back effort on the flattest roads possible with as little wind as possible. Many riders will be significantly lower than at this phase, especially if you are an older rider. Pro male riders often have FTPs in the mid to high s, but these people have been training hard for hours per day, for years on end.

I hope this helps some folks out! Comment below if you have questions, or if this post has helped you figure out your power situation. Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. Something to consider. Roller on wheel trainers give you a mighty advantage. If you want closer to a real world outdoor experience, get a direct drive.

It feels more like riding outside, especially if you crank the trainer difficulty up in Zwift. Regarding the pro-FTP comparison: one has also to take into account how very lightweight pros usually are — we have to be talking W per kg… even if you reach absolute numbers in the eds, depending on your weight that can still be far far off….

I have some problems with this article. Tom Dumoulin has stated in a podcast live slow ride fast dating to the 1st of January that his 20min power output is W. So W if we round it up. This is WAY higher than what is stated in this article mid s. It would be ignorant to call Tom Dumoulin an average pro. Halo, i agree with you, but…. I weight 94 kg… I am amateur cyclist 41yo, riding for 3 years. My FTP Is watts different methods approved.Your Zwift ID is a unique number assigned your Zwift account.

It is used by ZwiftPower and other third-party apps who connect to your Zwift data. Here are two ways to find your ID…. If you see multiple folders and are unsure which one belongs to your account, look at the dates of the files inside the folder, which will correspond to dates you have used Zwift on this computer. Want another solution? This is required due to GDPR privacy requirements. Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests.

He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. I cannot help you, since this is just a Zwift fansite. Any suggestions? Log into my. All done! I was one of the earliest Beta users of Zwift and abandoned it early due to hardware issues. Could my old login be interfering with this? None of the buttons on the my. Thanks for all you do to help make Zwift more fun and enjoyable!

How Accurate is Zwift zPower?

Struggling with this process. Same on Crome and Safari browsers. Any help? Can not connect Zwift. Make sure the name has updated and is visible in Zwift before continuing.

zwift power

In my profile all is ok for the connection. I had the same problem. Hi, I found my id number but it has 7 digits not 4, what shall I do? Ok, for those in the same situation, when you get your 7 digits you should input that in the brackets and then Zwiftpower provides you a pin, is quite simple, but terribly explained…. Hi Eric I am having problems with finding my zwift ID to complete the reg for zwift power. I have my ID numbers but when I put to have the 4 digits you say they do not exist!!!

Is there a way to get the 4 digit code so I can complete the process? When I try to log in as I did the first time to get the code, the system says user not found. Have managed to link to Zwift power, now my name has my 4 fig ID number behind it even when I have deleted from my online profile, how do I remove my 4 fig ID.

I followed the opt in instructions for a Zwift ID. I have tried to find my zwift ID — using all the different suggestions on this web side, but I have still not found it. Can you help me. This category of cookies allows our site to display advertisements which better match your preferences.Posted by Jaden Feddock Jun 11, Trainers One of the first things you are going to notice as you speed around Watopia is that the name of the game is power.

Everything in this virtual world runs off of those precious watts that you are able to generate as you turn the pedals. That solution is zPower. Jaden is technically using virtual power, but he uses the term zPower throughout this post. I wanted to know whether the numbers I was getting for FTPtraining zones, etc. The first thing I needed to do was compare two different power data charts in the same time frame.

Separately, I used the new power meter on my bike 4iiii Precision sending data directly to my Wahoo Bolt. After I finished the test, I was able to use ZwiftPower to compare two different power graphs based on data from Zwift downloaded from Strava and from my Wahoo Bolt head unit, downloaded from the Wahoo app.

The first thing you see is this graph the purple line is zPower, and the light blue line is the 4iiii Power Meter :. We will get to the specific sections in the graph more closely soon, but before we get to that there are some other elements of the analysis that I wanted to highlight. For an average power, I was very impressed with Zwift! A difference of only 6. The actual power meter read a significantly higher max power, which from what I can tell is due to the ability of a rider to push significant power into the pedals instantly, but the resulting wheel speed what zPower is actually based on does not increase quite as fast.

If your sprint lasts for a long time, you may see the zPower number climb up to match that maximum, but if the power peaks and then drops, as mine does in this sprint test, your zPower numbers will not be able to catch up, and will not spike as high a power meter can. To review the actual data, I divided the overall test into three segments that told three different stories about the difference between Zwift zPower and an actual power meter. Here are the three main test sections that I looked closely at:.

Most of the test was run as an attempted steady state ride, hovering around W. My intention here was to see what zPower could do if the speed was constant. As you can see on the graph, both of the values are tracking pretty closely together, with the zPower consistently lower, and the difference there was by about watts.

This may seem significant, especially on the higher end of that range, but the fact that it was tracking closely even though it was low helps me know that at least for workouts you will still feel the difference between hard and easy.

The other thing to notice on the steady state portion of the test was that my actual power data is quite jumpy. The reason that the Zwift value is able to be so consistent, is because they are basing theirs off of wheel speed, which is more constant.Posted by Eric Schlange Jan 20, Racing PowerUps in Zwift add welcome randomness to races, giving riders a short-lived advantage when used effectively.

Just getting started? The lightweight feather powerup reduces your weight by 9. And since climbs are where attacks always happen in Zwift races, that really is the best place to use a feather powerup— especially on short, punchy climbs where the feather will help you maintain momentum.

But losing 9. When not to use: the one time the feather hurts you is on descents, where being heavier actually makes you faster.

This powerup lasts for 30 seconds, which is twice as long as any other powerup. Got the van for your final sprint to the line? Timing and heads-up riding will be crucial here. Watch for other riders to jump, then get on their wheel with your draft boost activated.

The helmet is most commonly used in the final moments of a race, to give you a speed boost during your sprint finish. Here are a few more places it can be effectively used:.

If a rider is enjoying the advantage of sitting on your wheel and you activate the burrito, that rider will have to quickly up their watts in order to stay in contact. The burrito is best used when you are looking to drop other rider sand it really needs a good boost of power from your legs in order to be effective. Use the burrito to make it harder for anyone to follow you.

Deploy the burrito and put in a solid dig, then keep going to the line! Another lesser-seen powerup get it? Why is that helpful? Knowing the number of banners on your route is also very important since this is where you get powerups. The Tick Tock route, for example, is Watopia Hillyon the other hand, is 5.

Your powerup usage should be very different between these two routes. Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava.

zwift power

Have heard of the mythical Burrito, but though that it was removed pretty early on? So neither have been around for that long.Login Create Account Download. Download My Profile. Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language. My Profile. Get Started. Login Create Account. Logout Download. Change your country or region. The app for riding, running, and training with your community.

Explore Zwift Create Account. Welcome To Zwift. Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates you every minute. Choose from training plans, group rides, races, and more. Discover the world of Zwift today.

The Problem with Zwift Workouts and Training Plans

Play Video Get Started. Your Goals on Your Time. Jet across the desert. Climb a volcano. Escape to the New York City of tomorrow. Chase Goals With A Community. Fuel your next ride with the energy of everyone on Zwift. Tim Searle AHDR Leader "I like Zwift because it gives me an effective way to continue my training in a social way, at times where it would previously be impossible to do. Jon Hancock Run Leader "I can balance a busy life and still be able to train regardless of the time of day or conditions outside.

Previous Next.If you want to see your power both on Zwift and outside, a power meter is the way to go. Need help choosing a power meter?

Check out this article to help figure out what power meter is right for you. If you use separate bikes for indoor training and outdoor riding, you might consider a pedal-based power meter, if they match the type of pedals you currently use.

These are easier to switch between bikes than other types of power meters. For an immersive experience: Many smart trainers do more than just broadcast power. You can also use ERG modewhich helps you to hold your target wattage during structured workouts. If you use the same bike for indoor training and outdoor riding, it may be easier to mount and unmount the bike with a wheel-on trainer. Direct-drive trainers tend to be more accurate, though. Looking for a smart trainer recommendation? Check out Smart Trainer Recommendations.

In that case, seek out a fluid trainer, which gives increasing resistance as you pedal harder.

zwift power

Note: You do not need a speed sensor when using Zwift with a power meter, even with a classic trainer! Zwift will use your power to calculate your speed. Are you using rollers?

How to Find Your Zwift ID

Most of the time they should be set up like a classic trainer. Some newer rollers will transmit power to Zwift and even change resistance, though. Every Zwifter has their own account which tracks mileage and other achievements. Signing up easy—just visit zwift. You will be given free trial access to Zwift so you can test it out before choosing to subscribe.

What next? Each world has its own unique set of routes, and the guest world rotates based on a monthly schedule. The Zwift community rocks! Additionally, Zwift Companion allows you to see upcoming events, control the game, and interact with other Zwifters from your smartphone. Install it on your iOS or Android device and see how it works. Karissa is a freelance writer and cycling enthusiast. She also volunteers and serves as an advisor for a community bike center called The Pedal Factory.

She and her husband, an avid cyclist, live in North Carolina with their two birds, who have not yet learned how to ride a bike. Trying to figure out how to connect my Garmin to Zwift. Do I need to download the app on my phone? Waiting for my 4iiii crank to arrive but I got it because I understand it will greatly reduce the annoying lag I have with my Tacx Vortex between the time I apply or reduce power and it appears in Zwift. Makes it problematic to ride comfortable in a bunch during a long race.

Probably the biggest benefit is consistency. If you are using the same Power source on the road and on the trainer then you will know how much power you can hold both indoor and outdoor. If you are using Power Meter Pedals outdoor and a Trainer indoor then there will be differences in the power they report as one measures the power at the pedals and the other at the wheel.

Please can you tell me if and how I can pair my Garmin vector 3s pedals as the power source whilst enabling my Tacx Neo 3T as the controllable trainer. I want Smart responsive resistance however I need the power to be consistent with the pedals I use on the the road.E-racing is blowing up. As indoor racing becomes more serious, people have begun to worry more about cheating. One solution to e-doping is the website ZwiftPower. The application gives users more transparency into the statistics of other riders, allowing them to see abnormal power or weight changes.

The third-party race results website is also becoming a hub for teams to race together, and the go to place to pour over your results post-Zwift race. As the website grows in popularity, some races will now even require you to have a Zwiftpower account in order to be considered in the final results.

Go to my. By doing so, you consent to sharing your activity results and activity history including detailed performance data, race performance and profile information on the ZwiftPower site. Step 2. Register your account. On the zwiftpower. Step 3.


On desktop, go to my. Once you have your ZwiftPower four-digit code, on your Zwift account navigate to settings. Add your four-digit code to your last name and click save. You can change back your last name once your ZwiftPower account is created Step 5.

Your account should be live and ready to go. Lily Hansen-Gillis January 30, Step 1.

zwift power

Opt-In Go to my. Register your account On the zwiftpower. Load More. Want fresh cycling content delivered to your inbox? Add your email to the Canadian Cycling newsletter mailing list:. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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